AmandaHockley.com is a small company based in the heart of Silicon Valley

Here to help you with any aspect of your technology, work or life.

I am a trained IT consultant with a background in project management, web design and maintenance, training skills, as well as organizational qualities, to give you an individual service.

Web Design & Maintenance – See Portfolio

A web design and maintenance company catering to individuals, small companies, charities and actvity groups. Giving you the long-term service that building, running and maintaining your website requires.

Project Manager

Having managed a number of different types of projects, including IT Software, Conferences, Organizing Professional Classes, Awards, House Remodelling, and Travel, etc. I am flexible and skilled to run any project for you.


I have many years experience creating, organizing and running training classes, as well as the personal touch of Senior IT Training.

Personal Organizer

Many years of experience with MS Office gives you an excellent assistant to make your life easier. Producing documents, Mass-mailings, etc. in MS Word; Organize your figures in Excel or Quickbooks; Present your documents, flyers, etc. beautifully using Publisher; Snappy Presentations in PowerPoint; Email marketing with Constant Contact; Marketing & showcase your skills with Mailchimp; and much, much more ..

Copy editor and Proofreader

Trained IT consultant with a Bachelor of Science degree, and as expert at analysing systems as in the preparation and delivery of technical reports as I am with the selection of just the right word for your novel.

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