Top Project Management Practices

6 09 2018

I thought this article on best practices was a great take on project management skills is still relevant today ….

Keeping your website up-to-date

24 04 2014

How often do you update your website? Is your home page up-to-date? Are all calendars current?
The more you edit your website the higher it will appear on the search engines.

Make sure you regularly update pages, and photos to make it look current, and interesting.

Women Work Well

8 03 2013

intl-womens-dayAs it’s International Women’s Day I thought I’d post to put in a good word for all women workers everywhere.

Great workers, and multi-task so well – especially after juggling kids lives too.

You’ll never find a better worker than a mother who’s going back to work after years of working in the home.

Where can I get a small custom website ?

20 11 2012

You’ve come to the right place.

I produce small or larger websites for small organizations and companies as well as not-for-profit organizations.

Call me on 408 314 0290